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Prepare your body for a conscious conception, and beyond

The VIP Fertility Day is designed to help you have a peaceful journey into motherhood

Is this you?

You know that having a diet that supports your hormones is crucial for your fertility. - But what exactly should be on your plate you might ask.

You've heard that prepping your body for pregnancy is good to start early. - But when is the best time for you, you might be wondering. 

You know that timing matters when it comes to trying to conceive. - But making sense of your cycle charts seems like rocket science at the best of times.

You want to consciously conceive to manifest the baby you're dreaming of. - And you're ready to call your soul baby in. 

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You've come to the right place

The VIP Fertility Day is designed for busy women like you, who want individualised and holistic support to reach their fertility and hormone health goals.

The VIP days are specifically for women who want to start trying to conceive during the next 3-24 months, or women who have been trying for a while and desire support to have a peaceful journey into motherhood.

So what do you want to focus on?

Being confident that your diet supports happy hormones and optimal fertility

Tracking your ovulation and fertile window like a queen, so that you know exactly when it's the best time to try

Creating a lifestyle that helps you boost your natural fertility

Becoming your own best expert, so you know exactly what to focus to consciously conceive your baby

Having a clear plan that helps you spiritually, physically and emotionally prepare for pregnancy and a baby

Tailored support for reducing the stress that can come with trying to conceive

Let's find out

How it works?

Apply - VIP



I want to make sure  we are a good fit working together and that's why I ask you to fill in an application. And of course, if you have questions, we can always chat!


Call + Support

If we move forward with a VIP Fertility Day, we have a 2-hour call together, where we create your intuitive, personalised, and holistic conscious conception and healthy pregnancy plan. After the call, you have my on-demand support for 4 weeks via Messenger.



You'll notice that with right support, results can come sooner than you ever anticipated! And then we'll of course celebrate your wins together!  


I suffer from PCOS and irregular cycles, and for the last 10 years I had no idea when or if I ovulated. Since Pirita taught me to track my fertile signs and my BBT I know when exactly to expect my period. I am also learning the signs my body gives me around ovulation which is an important part of my pre-conception journey. This  method is something every woman should learn and be taught in school!


IG is my fave channel

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