The Cycle Conscious


Your holistic hormone health and cycle syncing space where you align your life with your menstrual cycle and thrive.

If you want to

Feel aligned and energetic throughout your cycle, have regular periods and feel in control of your hormones

Feel balanced in your daily life even while reaching your big goals

Live in a partnership with your cyclical body and your menstrual cycle

Overcome period problems and PMS, and harness the power of each phase of your cycle

And you don't want to

Be in a hormonal roller coaster during the days or weeks before your period

Feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and low-energy because of your long to-do list

Obsess over food or work yourself to the ground to reach your health goals

Invest in another program that doesn't give you the results you desire

But you don't know

What your lifestyle and diet should look like so that you can have balanced hormones, more energy, and better periods

How to use your menstrual cycle to your advantage so that you can get more done with less stress - even if you have a lot on your plate

Where to start to easily sync your diet and life with your cycle to holistically support your hormones  without the overwhelm

If this sounds familiar and all you want is a clear, proven
process, tailored to your needs and specific situation without
buying yet another course or book that just adds to your overwhelm
Then The Cycle Conscious Collective is for you.

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Here's exactly what you'll experience

Wave goodbye to period problems, low energy levels, stress, and never ending to-do lists

Say hello to living in alignment with your menstrual cycle and feeling balanced while you thrive in life

Desing your dream body, cycle, lifestyle, and ultimately, your dream life

What's Included?

Monthly coaching calls with personal hot-seat coaching

Receive expansive support and start implementing a lifestyle and diet that support your hormone health and cyclical energy

Design your dream body, cycle, lifestyle, and ultimately, your dream life

Learn how you can holistically support the different systems in your body and sync your work, diet, exercise, and life with your unique menstrual cycle

Ask your questions and receive personalised coaching to overcome period problems and reach your health goals with ease

Monthly Cycle Conscious Recipe and Nutrition Guides

Start eating to support your hormones and cyclical body so that you can feel your most energetic, productive, aligned, and healthy

Learn how different nutrients and foods support your body and impact your hormones throughout your cycle

Make cycle syncing easy and create nourishing, hormone-friendly meals that are quick to create

Harness the power of your cycle to be more productive so you can get more done with less stress and more ease

Live trainings with Pirita and guest experts

Optimise your health and wellbeing, and become the expert in your body

Understand how the different systems in your body impact one another and how you can support them to wave goodbye to period problems and hormone imbalances for good

Be educated about your body to understand root causes so that you can stop the guessing game and reach your health goals with ease

Additional resources to support your journey

Cycle syncing planners to help you plan and stay on track without the overwhelm

Cycle awareness journals to support you in feeling more in tune with your body and with the ebb and flow of your hormones

Other resources designed to help you reach your health goals, manage your energy and feel aligned


A Cycle Conscious Online Course & Cycle Conscious Yoga Library - value 499 €

5-module self-paced framework that helps you balance your hormones and overcome symptoms step-by-step, focusing on optimising one area at a time

Modules on womb wisdom, energetic cycle, and cycle awareness help you feel more in tune with your cyclical body and energy

An expansive library of cycle conscious yoga classes for each phase of your cycle to cycle sync your fitness and self-care, balance your hormones, and feel aligned


The Cycle Conscious Collective

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247 €


47 €

Most popular plan.  3-month minimum commitment.


When I joined Pirita’s coaching program, for the first time ever I felt like I was heard and received customised support that helped me get to the root cause of my PCOS. Now after the coaching is over, I have been able to maintain a hormone friendly lifestyle  which is helping me see amazing results like consistent cycles, skin clearing up, and improved energy levels with little to no PMS symptoms.


After working with Pirita,  I feel like a different person - well actually I just feel like myself again! I have much more consistent energy levels throughout the day which has really helped me being able to focus on work and get things done. I also notice a huge difference throughout the month - my mood and energy levels are way more consistent. 


I joined Pirita's coaching to learn how to manage my PCOS symptoms, achieve regular cycles and ovulation as well as live a balanced lifestyle in sync with my cycle. I now have more regular cycles, less painful periods, more energy daily, and a balanced nutritious diet. I feel so much better after the coaching as I understand my cycle and I have learned how to live in sync with it.

Hey there,

I'm Pirita Hilton, your hormone expert, cycle syncing bestie and women's health educator. I teach the ambitious woman to optimise her health and flow so she can thrive in life.
I'm also a mum (both baby & and fur-baby), a wife, an entrepreneur, a holistic living enthusiast, a yoga teacher, soon-to-be board certified nutritionist and health coach, and usually quite busy.
That's why I sync my life with my 28-day menstrual cycle and prioritise my hormone health each and every day.
I believe that when you feel energetic, healthy, aligned and confident, it will flow into all areas of your life - your career, relationships, mental health, and your ability to call in what you desire.
No matter if you're a busy stay-at-home-mum, an entrepreneur, a full-time student, or work from nine-to-five, The Cycle Conscious Collective helps you design your dream body, cycle, lifestyle, and ultimately, your dream life.

My promise to you is that I do everything in my power to support you in reaching your health goals.

Because you deserve to feel aligned and thrive in life.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m new to all things hormone balance, cycle syncing and holistic health. Will this work for me?
A: Yes, this is a great option for you. You can join the membership to get to know your cycle, hormones and body better, sync with your cycle, and ultimately, feel less stressed, more aligned, and at ease in your daily life.

Q: I’m already on my hormone health and cycle awareness journey. Will this be valuable to me?
A: Yes, this membership will be particularly valuable for you, as it will guide you deeper into your journey and help you get even better results.
Q: Can I join later?
A: Yes, but I can't guarantee when the doors open again or that the price won't increase.

Q: Will there be replays of the coaching calls?
A: Yes, the coaching calls are saved into an ever-expanding library that you have unlimited access to as a member.
Q: Where is the membership hosted?
A: It's hosted inside Thinkific that you'll have access to and inside a private, members only, Facebook group.

Q: What time will the coaching calls happen?
A: I regularly poll the members to find the most suitable time. However, I'm based in Austria, so the calls will happen between 9am and 5pm CEST.

The Cycle Conscious Collective

Enrol in


247 €


47 €

Most popular plan.  3-month minimum commitment.