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Transform your life one cycle at a time

The Power Hour gives you the personalised support you deserve, in a once-off container

Sound familiar?

You know that having a diet that supports hormone balance is crucial for your energy levels. - You're just not sure if you're doing it right. 

You've heard that period problems, stress and fatigue are signs of hormone imbalance. - But what to do to find and fix the root cause, you might wonder. 

You know that you have the power to change things around. - But you don't know where to start.

You have a trillion tasks on your to-do list. - And your hormone health hasn't exactly been on a the priority list

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You've come to the right place

The power hours are designed for ambitious women like you, who want customised and holistic support in a short period of time to start reaching their cycle awareness and hormone health goals.

This offer is specifically for you if you have a couple of areas in mind that you want to focus on. The Power Hour gives us time and space to deep dive into these chosen areas.

So what do you want to focus on?

Growing your confidence that you're doing the right things every day for happy hormones

Learning to track your ovulation and cycles like a pro, so that you are in charge of your fertility and your body

Nourishing your body with foods that support hormone balance and symptom-free cycles

Reducing stress to regain focus, energy, and productivity

Customised plan that helps you overcome period problems such as PMS and irregular cycles

Aligning your fitness, diet and work with your cycle to get better results with more ease

Let's find out

How it works?

Apply- Powr Hor



To make sure we are a good fit working together and that I'm the right person to support you, please fill in an application. And of course, if you have questions, we can always chat!


Call + Support

If we move forward with a Power Hour, we have a 60-minute call together, where we create your personalised  action plan. After the call, you get extensive, step-by-step follow-up notes so that you know what your focus areas are.



You'll notice that with right support, results can come sooner than you ever anticipated! Even though the power hour is a once-off container, I want to celebrate your wins with you even after our time together!

What my clients say


I joined Pirita's coaching to learn how to manage my PCOS symptoms, achieve regular cycles and ovulation as well as live a balanced lifestyle in sync with my cycle. I now have more regular cycles, less painful periods, more energy daily, and a balanced nutritious diet. I feel so much better after the coaching as I understand my cycle and I have learned how to live in sync with it.


After working with Pirita,  I feel like a different person - well actually I just feel like myself again! I have much more consistent energy levels throughout the day which has really helped me being able to focus on work and get things done. I also notice a huge difference throughout the month my mood and energy levels are way more consistent. 


My experience with Pirita has helped me to recognise different phases of my cycle and live in tune with them. I have learnt to respect my body’s needs. Before joining Pirita's program I hadn’t really understood different levels of my energy throughout the menstrual cycle. With the knowledge I gained, I can optimise my energy more, have less painful periods and more energy. 

Holistic + Intuitive

Are the key words

I mix expertise, experience and customised strategies in my work and see you as a unique human being, with your own unique history and goals. 

But above all, I believe in offering holistic support, drawing from ancient wisdom and modern day science, and the goal is to help you become your own best intuitive expert.

Because when you start to truly, deeply and intuitively trust your body, you can wave goodbye to hormone imbalances and period problems, and actually feel good and energetic. 

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