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Forget one-size-fits-all health, fitness, and diet plans
Say hello to regaining your energy, focus, and productivity with




If you want to

Reach your goals without sacrificing your wellness

Have regular periods and balanced hormones

Reduce stress in your life and feel more balanced

But you don't want to

Struggle with hormonal imbalances

Keep postponing self-care because you're too busy

Wave goodbye to your goals because they feel too stressfull

And you don't know

How to use your menstrual cycle to your advantage 

How exactly cycle syncing would benefit you and your unique lifestyle

How to create a personalised cycle syncing plan that keeps you accountable


If this sounds familiar and you want a clear, proven
process, tailored to your needs and specific situation without
buying yet another course or book that just adds to your overwhelm
or paying a ridiculous amount of money to some self-
proclaimed guru...
Then this is for you.




Map out your own personalized cycle syncing plan on your next free weekend and start to regain your energy, focus, and productivity

cycle syncing planner (1).png

What's inside?

A clear 4-step roadmap

33 pages long fillable PDF

All you need to know about your cycle to start planning

Step-by-step instructions to plan one 28-day cycle at a time

STEP 1: Befriend Your Body

Understand your 28-day cycle 

Where to start when it comes to planning your life around your unique cycle

STEP 2: Living the Cyclical Way

Get clear on the activities, tasks, foods and workouts that you can sync with your cycle

STEP 3: Get In The Flow

Map your coming month

Assign activities, tasks, workouts, and foods to specific times to specific times in your next 28-day cycle

Find balance between rest and productivity

STEP 4: Transform Your Life

Start making real progress straightaway

Implement your plan one area at a time to support your unique body, circumstances and lifestyle.

Ge your copy

planner at an introductory price of only $12

Claim your


When I joined Pirita’s coaching program, for the first time ever I felt like I was heard and received customised support that helped me get to the root cause of my PCOS. Now after the coaching is over, I have been able to maintain a hormone friendly lifestyle  which is helping me see amazing results like consistent cycles under 40 days, skin clearing up and improved energy levels with little to no PMS symptoms.


After working with Pirita,  I feel like a different person - well actually I just feel like myself again! I have much more consistent energy levels throughout the day which has really helped me being able to focus on work and get things done. I also notice a huge difference throughout the month - my mood and energy levels are way more consistent. 


I joined Pirita's coaching to learn how to manage my PCOS symptoms, achieve regular cycles and ovulation as well as live a balanced lifestyle in sync with my cycle. I now have more regular cycles, less painful periods, more energy daily, and a balanced nutritious diet. I feel so much better after the coaching as I understand my cycle and I have learned how to live in sync with it.

Hey there,

I'm Pirita Hilton, your hormone expert, cycle syncing bestie and women's health educator. I teach the ambitious woman to optimise her health and flow so she can thrive in life.
I'm also a mum (both baby & and fur-baby), a wife, an entrepreneur, a holistic living enthusiast, a yoga teacher, soon-to-be board certified nutritionist and health coach, and usually quite busy.
That's why I sync my life with my 28-day menstrual cycle and prioritise my hormone health each and every day.
I believe that when you feel energetic, healthy, aligned and confident, it will flow into all areas of your life - your career, relationships, mental health, and your ability to call in what you desire.
No matter if you're a busy stay-at-home-mum, an entrepreneur, a full-time student, or work from nine-to-five, the planner supports you in reaching your goals, reducing stress, and feeling more balanced.

Because you deserve to thrive in life.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m new to all things hormone balance and cycle syncing. Will this work for me?
A: Yes, this is a great option for you. The planner will help you get to know your cycle, hormones, and body better, sync with your cycle, and ultimately, feel less stressed, more aligned, and at ease in your daily life. The planner is designed to guide you step-by-step so that even if you're a beginner, you can easily use it.

Q: I’m already on my hormone health and cycle syncing journey. Will this be valuable to me?
A: Yes, this planner will be particularly valuable for you, as it will help you stay consistent with your healthy habits and get even better results.
Q: Can I purchase the planner later?
A: Yes, but I can't guarantee that the introductory price of only $12 will be available.

Q: Do I need to be tech savvy to use the planner?
A; Not at all! It's as easy as clicking a button to download it and printing it if you wish!
Q: How comprehensive is the planner?
A: The planner is 33 pages long and goes into detail about your cycle, the phases, how cycle syncing actually works, and so much more. It also comes with lots of space to write down your ideas, create lists, set goals in sync with your cycle, create weekly planners, and so much more. 

planner at an introductory price of only $12

Claim your

Wondering if this will be for you?

If you're nodding your head to any of the below, this planner would be perfect for you!

You usually feel busy and want to find a way to make your days feel less hectic without saying goodbye to your goals

You're health-conscious and ambitious, and always looking for ways to optimise different areas of your life

You want to work together with your cyclical body to get more done while feeling more balanced in your body and mind

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