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Say hello to living in alignment with your menstrual cycle and having more energy and balanced hormones, while you thrive in life

Wave goodbye to hormone roller coaster, low energy levels, and never ending to-do lists



The Masterclass

Nov 8th-10th 5pm CEST


If you want to

Feel balanced and energetic throughout your cycle, have regular periods, and feel in control of your hormones

Live in tune with your menstrual cycle and hormones 

Confidently track your fertility and implement fertility awareness to become the best expert in your cyclical body

Feel aligned and at ease in your daily life even while working towards your big goals

But you don't want to

Be in a hormonal roller coaster during the days or weeks before your period

Feel exhausted, busy, stressed, and overwhelmed because of your long to-do list

Be on a permanent diet or work yourself to the ground to reach your health goals

Feel overwhelmed about your fertile signs or be on the pill to manage your hormones or prevent pregnancy

Add one more complicated thing on your already long to-do list

And you don't know

What kind of diet and lifestyle can naturally correct hormonal imbalances and help you feel aligned and energetic

How to use your menstrual cycle to your advantage so that you can get more done with less stress

Where to start to easily track your fertility and confidently use an effective fertility awareness based method

If this sounds familiar and all you want is a clear, proven
process without buying yet another course or book that just adds to your overwhelm
Then this is for you.



The Masterclass

Here's exactly what you'll experience

Be educated on your body and create your own hormone balance and cycle awareness plan to finally wave goodbye to period problems, feel in control of your hormones, and reach your goals with more ease

Day 1

The Pillars of Holistic Hormone Balance - November 8th

Understand how your diet and lifestyle impact your hormones

Know the key systems in your body that work together with your hormones

Learn how you can support your body to have balanced hormones

Have clarity on the daily action steps you can take to feel more aligned and energetic

Day 2

Take The Mystery Out of Your Menstrual Cycles - November 9th

Understand the ebb and flow of your hormones and how your cycle actually works - even if you're on the pill

Become familiar with the fertile signs that tell you exactly when you’re fertile, when you ovulate, and when your period will start

Learn how fertility tracking helps you optimise your cycles

Know how you can use the sympto-thermal method for preventing pregnancy naturally or maximising your chances of conceiving

Day 3

Get in The Flow: Syncing with Your Cycles - November 10th

Know the different phases of your cycle and how they impact your body and mind

Understand how you can harness the power of your cycle to get more done with less stress and more ease

Become clear on how cycle syncing will help you feel more aligned in your body

Learn how you can start to easily sync different areas of your life with your unique menstrual cycle



Hey there,

I'm Pirita Hilton, your hormone expert, cycle syncing bestie and women's health educator. I teach the ambitious woman to optimise her health and flow so she can thrive in life.
I'm also a mum (both baby & and fur-baby), a wife, an entrepreneur, a holistic living enthusiast, a yoga teacher, soon-to-be board certified nutritionist and health coach, daughter, sister, friend, and usually quite busy.
That's why I sync my life with my 28-day menstrual cycle, make daily choices that support my hormone health, and use fertility awareness to be the expert in my cyclical body.
I believe that when you feel ALIGNED, energetic, healthy, and confident, it will flow into all areas of your life.
You’ll reach your career goals more easily. 
Your relationships will feel more fulfilling. 
You’ll have more energy for the things you love. 
You’ll feel more confident in your skin. 
No matter if you're a busy stay-at-home-mum, a serial entrepreneur, a full-time student, or work from nine-to-five, ALIGNED - The Masterclass is for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m new to all things hormone balance, cycle syncing and fertility awareness. Will this masterclass work for me?
A: Yes, this is a great option for you. You can join the masterclass to get to know your cycle and body better, sync with your cycle, and ultimately, feel less stressed, more balanced and at ease in your daily life.

Q: I’m already on my hormone health and cycle awareness journey. Will this be valuable to me?
A: Yes, this masterclass will be particularly valuable for you, as it will guide you deeper into your journey and help you get even better results.
Q: Can I join later?
A: No, this is a limited-time offer and the masterclass will take place on November 8th-10th.

Q: Will there be replays later?
A: Yes, limited-time replays will be available for those who have registered for the masterclass.
Q: Where is the masterclass located or hosted?
A: This is a 3-day online event and will be hosted in a private Facebook group only accessible for those who have registered.

Q: Is this a paid offer?
A: No, you can join for FREE, which makes this the perfect, no-brainer opportunity to start balancing your hormones, syncing with your cycles and tracking your fertility with my guidance.