Get the results you want...

...While being surrounded and cheered on by other high-vibe women in an intimate group environment

Fertility Tracking Academy

Your roadmap to confidently tracking your fertility and becoming the best expert on your cyclical body.

This thoughtfully designed online program teaches you everything you need to know about implementing the symptothermal method successfully. 

It's for you whether you want to maximise your chances of conceiving, prevent pregnancy naturally or optimise your cycles.

Enrolment in April and October.

Hormone Harmony School

Master your cycles, harness your cyclical energy and balance your hormones.

This powerful group coaching program has the same intuitive framework as my 1:1 coaching program, and delivers it to you in a shorter, 3-month timeframe and an intimate group environment. 

It's for you whether you're dealing with symptoms of hormonal imbalance and period problems, have been diagnosed with PCOS or you want to fully master your cycles, balance your hormones and harness the power of your cyclical energy.

Details to be confirmed, join the waitlist to hear them first.

Cycle Awareness Membership

Harness your femininity and align your life with your cyclical energy

This monthly membership is your holistic guide into living in alignment with your menstrual cycle and feminine energy.

The membership is designed for ambitious women who want to eat, move and create in alignment with their cyclical energy to achieve their goals with ease and to feel more balanced in their cyclical bodies.

Details to be confirmed, join the waitlist to hear them first.

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I'm currently on maternity leave until September 2022 but taking applications and pre-booking for 1:1 coaching, Power Hours and VIP Fertility Days.