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My mission is to help women become
the best experts on their own cyclical bodies

Hey there!

Like anything in life, it has been a journey.
In fact, just a few years ago you would have found me stuck in a hormonal roller coaster, hit with the PMS hurricane and awful period pain once a month, clueless that even though all that is common, it's not normal.

While I was completing a yoga teacher training in Sydney back in 2019 and finding balance on the mat and in different areas of life, my body felt far from balanced. 

Migraines that were debilitating at the time and put me in bed for a whole day became the stepping stone into getting to know my body better, and something that I now see as a blessing in disguise.

You see, if it wasn't for the symptoms I experienced and tuned into, I never would have come across things like fertility tracking and cycle awareness, and ultimately started to help women find hormone harmony and change their lives.

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And the journey continues

In July 2019 I had a hormonal IUD removed, and despite a doc who I'd never seen before trying to scare me away from using a fertility awareness method to prevent pregnancy naturally, I started a journey that literally changed my whole life in so many ways.

A journey that made me the expert on my own cyclical body.

I decided to learn as much as I could about fertility awareness, cycle syncing, nutrition for healthy hormones, metabolism and how to harness the power of feminine energy in my life. 

And I'm glad I did.

This journey didn't only help me overcome my period problems and migraines, and find the balance I was seeking for in my body.

It also helped my partner (now hubby) and I to prevent pregnancy naturally for two years. In 2021 it helped us to consciously conceive our first baby.

This journey completely changed the trajectory of my career and has allowed me to serve over 50 women through my paid offers and hundreds of women through my free content.

I've helped brilliant women from around the world to balance their hormones, manage PCOS, overcome period problems, use a fertility awareness based method effectively, be in charge of their cycles, reduce stress, achieve their goals, and actually feel good. 

And the thing is that this is just the beginning.

It's time to step into your feminine power

One cycle at a time


Want to become the best expert on your cyclical body? Want to know exactly what to do to feel energetic, have better periods and get more done with less stress? Let me show you how. 

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Ready to start confidently tracking your fertility and implement an effective fertility awareness based method? Whether your goal is to maximise your chances of conceiving, prevent pregnancy naturally or optimise your cycles, this is for you.


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Tea or coffee?

Warm cacao with some vanilla and cinnamon. Like Christmas in a cup. 

Beach or mountains?

The mountains! This is one of the reason why my husband and I moved to the Austrian Alps in 2021. 

Stay in or go out?

Stay in! I'm a huge introvert on most days, and will take any excuse to stay in and cuddle my forever puppy, Noodle. 

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