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Regain your energy, ditch the stress, and thrive in life

No more googling every symptom or second guessing if you're doing the right things

You are unique

So are your history, your lifestyle, and your hormone health- and fertility goals. 

What might work for your sister or biz bestie, might not work for you. 

And that's why you and your goals need to be seen and heard. 

That's what I'm here for. I know that sometimes we need deeper, more holistic, and personalised support to suit our needs. 

Need someone to guide you back to your regular, healthy cycles? Want to reach your ambitious goals without sacrificing your wellness? Dream of regaining your energy and inner peace? Want to start preparing for a healthy pregnancy?

It's time to get the support you deserve. 

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You know that period problems such as PCOS, PMS, or painful periods aren't normal. - You're just not sure what you could do to overcome them.

You've tried all the things and have spent hours looking for answers and solutions. - But back in square one is where you usually find yourself. 

You are a health junkie and have a balanced diet. - But for some reason you often feel fatigued, and let's not even talk about the stress.

You have a trillion tasks on your to-do list. - And for too long your health and self-care haven't exactly been on the top of that list.

What's included?

The Premium Coaching is offered in a 3-, 6-, and 9-month containers. And you might wonder why the commitment for a longer period of time? Because sustainable and holistic changes happen over time, not over-night. It's the small steps we take together each week and month that count towards the bigger, positive changes in your health, body, and life. 

So what do you want to focus on?

Creating step-by-step lifestyle changes that lead to long-term hormone balance

Individualised cycle syncing action plan that supports you in every area of your life 

Making diet changes that help you  regain your energy and feel balanced

Preparing your body and mind for conception, pregnancy, and beyond

Healing your gut to create a strong foundation for optimal health

Growing your confidence in your body and becoming your own best hormone health expert

Reducing stress and fatigue to feel confident, vibrant, and peaceful

Let's find out

How it works?

Apply - 1:1 Coach


Apply + chat

I want to make sure we vibe and that we are a good fit working together. Once you've filled in an application, we'll schedule a clarity call to paint a clear picture of what we could work on together and how exactly I can support you in reaching your goals.


Calls + Support

If you decide to move forward with the Premium Coaching, we have a kick-off call together, and you have my ongoing support in bi-weekly  coaching calls and via Messenger chat.


Reach your goals

You'll notice that with right support, results can come sooner than you anticipated! We'll celebrate all your wins together and strategise how you can maintain the results in the long-term.

What my clients say


When I joined Pirita’s 6-month coaching program, for the first time I felt like I was heard and received customised support that helped me get to the root cause of my PCOS. Now after the coaching is over, I have been able to maintain a hormone friendly lifestyle  which is helping me see amazing results like consistent cycles under 40 days, skin clearing up and improved energy levels with little to no PMS symptoms.


After working with Pirita,  I feel like a different person - well actually I just feel like myself again! I have much more consistent energy levels throughout the day which has really helped me being able to focus on work and get things done. I also notice a huge difference throughout the month my mood and energy levels are way more consistent. 


I joined Pirita's 1:1 coaching to learn how to manage my PCOS symptoms, achieve regular cycles and ovulation as well as live a balanced lifestyle in sync with my cycle. I now have more regular cycles, less painful periods, more energy daily, and a balanced nutritious diet. I feel so much better after the coaching as I understand my cycle and I have learned how to live in sync with it.

Let's Hang

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